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Travel influencers and area of expertise

Travel influencers are entertaining and inspiring ever larger communities of travellers. In this article we analyse 7 influencer profiles to highlight the variety of styles and audiences reached by these personalities. Good inspiration for destinations!


The team of Le Studio Labonheure draws inspiration from the world of influencers to offer destinations and tourism operators a positioning that responds to the current wishes of the public. Indeed, day after day, certain trends rise and others disappear. Influencers must therefore constantly monitor lifestyle and travel trends to provide their community with content that touches them and builds loyalty.

In this article, we share our views on influencer marketing with a focus on the travel influencers we love. Each influencer has his or her own specific characteristics, style and, most importantly, area of expertise. So it’s important to check whether the destination’s or tourism activity’s strategy is in line with their personality and audience.

The field of influencer marketing has reached a maturity whereby the range of influencers is evolving towards more specialisation. Indeed, to gain fame on Instagram, it is not only necessary to produce good quality content, but also to reach an audience of fans.

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Seduce and communicate the assets of your destination thanks to the influencers and their areas of expertise

Collaboration with travel influencers is a real opportunity. Today, 93% of marketing departments use influencer marketing, and on average it is a good choice as the ROI is estimated at €18 for every €1 invested. (Influencer Marketing Hub, 2018).

Collaborating with new opinion leaders, such as influencers, is a great opportunity to develop a destination’s audience. But for it to work, there is one condition… The influencer’s universe must reinforce the brand on its strengths. So the influencer’s style must be absolutely consistent with the destination’s lifestyle.

For this article, we have selected a number of popular influencers with different views on travel. Different strategies and target groups can be pointed out.

Influenceurs voyage et domaine d'expertise
  • Travel close and make discoveries
  1. Thenomadsfamily – Travelling to the Nordic countries

Together with their two children, Val & Tim share their touristic discoveries with us. They are originally from the Nordic countries and travel mainly in these regions. They are professionals in creating the cocooning atmosphere typical of the Hygge trend in the Nordic countries. They make us feel like having a good hot chocolate! 

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  1. Theadventure_dogs – The journey to France

Lynda travels with her dog, Hannah, all over France! They are happy to discover, little by little, all the French departments. Today, the two have already visited 20. The influencer shares her travels on Instagram, but also on her blog. A good way to promote a destination.

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  • Travelling in adventure mode
  1. Lespetitesaventuresdecharlotte -The solo journey 

Charlotte is the emblem of girl power. Alone with her backpack, she traverses beautiful landscapes. She posts mostly panoramas, and makes us want to go with her. The frugality of her diet makes up all her charm! 

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  1. Brunomaltor – The Oscar-winning traveller 

Bruno is an excellent traveller. For the past 10 years, he has travelled all over the world. Alone or with friends, he knows all the secrets of a successful trip. In 2021, Bruno was awarded the Travel d’Or, the equivalent of the Oscar for best traveller! Certified on Instagram, his active community informs us of the big trends in tourism through his likes.

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  1. Wordelse – Adventures as a couple

Pauline and Benoît are two French people who love travelling. Through Belgium, Egypt and France, they share their adventures with us. With their graphic sepia line and the high quality of their photos and videos, they have won over a loyal audience of travellers looking for the unusual and the charming.

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  • Like to travel in an ecologically responsible way
  1. Globetolter – The Green Trotter 

Tolt has been sharing his adventures with his community for 7 years. He is present on YouTube and on Instagram. A bit of a daredevil, his publications are both funny and well thought out. But what makes him so special is that he refuses to travel by plane. Low-carbon travel is a real plus for his community. 

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  1. Frenchadventurer – The non-motorised

Anthony calls himself an eco-explorer. He has visited more than a hundred countries, but without using motorised vehicles. A true committed adventurer, he physically exhausts himself in every journey he undertakes! A true source of inspiration for nearby destinations.

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Get inspired and work with travel influencers

Thanks to these different accounts, every type of audience can find their ideal trip. With family or friends, in the sun or in the snow, in the city or in the countryside, there are influencers for each of these audience categories.

Le Studio Labonheure specialises in tourism and lifestyle. We are here to help you make your community dream come true and travel! So don’t hesitate to contact us, so we can go on the road to new projects together 😉

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Travel influencers and area of expertise

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