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The best travel podcasts: an inspiration for your tourism marketing

We don't think about it immediately, but podcasts are also a way to communicate for a tourist destination...How? By broadcasting short programs that share an experience, a testimony, a musical atmosphere related to the trip or the place you want to promote.

Communication managers of tourist destinations have several reasons to be interested in podcasts:

  • The exponential growth of podcast listening, particularly by the millennials’ target audience
  • Ability to share them easily on platforms like Itunes, YouTube or Spotify,
  • The brand-new communication field that this new medium represents for tourism.

We’ve taken the time to make a selection of our favourite podcasts and list a few “tips” to make you want to integrate this tool into your tourism marketing strategy.

What’s a podcast?

The podcast was invented to free listeners from time constraints to listen to their favourite radio programmes. Podcasting is the distribution of audio content available on the internet. Thus, the podcast can be downloaded from a platform, outside broadcast hours, which allows Internet users to listen to the programs on a deferred basis.

Today, many podcasts are available on platforms such as YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify. Smartphones make it easy to listen to podcasts, and you can even download them to listen offline when travelling by train or plane, for example.

Our selection of travel and tourism podcasts

The Journey de KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Each episode of this podcast takes you into the true story of a person who has experienced a life-changing journey. Depending on the episodes, you will travel to Alaska or New Delhi, transported by the story of the main character. This audio documentary series is available for free on their website or on Spotify. And that’s just great! It’s only available in English, but it’s a good exercise!

The Time of a Bivouac of France Inter

Two hours of adventure to understand what the world is made of and to meet those who travel through it, such is the idea of this France Inter programme. Every summer, the presenter and science journalist Daniel Fiévet invites in his show great travellers who tell us their stories. Built like a radio documentary, the themes covered are varied: marine fauna, the ascent of Mont Blanc, or the unsuspected capacities of trees. A little less than an hour per episode, to learn about our world. Previous broadcasts are available free of charge on the France Inter website.

Hello Planet of Chapka Insurance

Chapka Assurances has put online episodes lasting from 10 to 30 minutes to allow travellers to tell their experiences in different countries around the world. This blog is a place for exchange, good advice and experiences, where any type of traveller can share his or her story. The practical side: you can filter your search by country and by theme (family, study abroad, expat, sustainable tourism,…).

Expat Heroes

Here, you will find the daily life stories of French-speaking expatriates. The dialogues are authentic and try to move away from clichés about expatriation. The goal is to offer a podcast that provides tips on how to meet the challenges of living abroad for all expats. There are new episodes 2 times a month.

La Bougeotte

La bougeotte is the podcast for all women travelers! Solo or with friends, they will find here tips and experiences of other women who travel. Love on the road, reading about traveling, travelling in a van or traveling between mother and daughter, all topics covered in the episodes of the La Bougeotte podcast.

The podcast in a tourism communication strategy

The podcast is a media to be considered to share the imagination of a destination and to express one’s experience in a different way. It is a powerful vector of storytelling, which allows to convey emotions and capture the imagination of the listeners. But beware, producing podcast episodes is not that easy. As with video editing, a podcast needs to be well edited, dynamic, with excellent sound quality and the various speakers must be clearly audible.

To learn more about the technical side of creating podcasts and how to share them on major platforms, here’s a short list of well-designed articles or instructions.

How to create a podcast, complete and detailed guide
How to create and reference your podcast on Itunes
Video tutorial: how to make a successful podcast

Otherwise, contact the team of Le Studio Labonheure, we will make beautiful Podcasts for your destination 🙂

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