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Land of Memory

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Team Headerpop went to the Land of Memory territory for an influencer trip. The destination promotes memory tourism through its various historical monuments. In this article we reveal the backstage and the steps of this action!

The aim of this influencer trip was to collaborate with youtubers and bloggers to promote and show the potential of Land of Memory. This tourist destination of memory is located on the cross-border territory of the Greater Region.

This trip was punctuated by several steps, we explain you everything!

1- The before

For a month, our teams organised the trip from A to Z. From the distribution of the places to visit, to the booking of lodgings and means of transport. Each day was organised minute by minute.

The common thread of the trip was adapted to each of the themes chosen by the various influencers. The influencers tackled the destination with each one a subject that was close to their hearts such as peace, mutiny, resistance… The objective was to reach their community to promote the destination through different audiences.

2- The presence on site

Three members of our team went on site to assist the influencers. Their mission: to collect content and supervise the trip. Every day our team escorted the influencers to the different locations to ensure that the trip went smoothly.

Taking content was also crucial. Indeed, we are supporting Land of Memory in its communication through multiple media. Our team took several photos and videos to feed the social networks, the web page, etc.

3- The partnerships

For this project, we collaborated with 3 influencers from different countries in order to obtain diverse perceptions and content. In this way, we were able to touch a variety of audiences and obtain content in different languages.

First of all, the Flemish family Eskonpeupejer. With their three teenagers, this family leaves their comfort zone. They travel together and conquer history. Yes, because family visits are always more fun! Eskonpeupejer wanted to show through its content that memory tourism can be done with young teenagers. It’s a successful mission!


History Bombs, our English influencer! Chris is accompanied by his team. Together they produce video content on youtube and on his website. His stagings deliver dynamic content that immerses us in the history.

Chris Hobbs – History Bombs

Finally, Manon Champier, known as Manon Bril, is a French historian and youtuber. She has also participated in several historical programmes on Arte. On her Youtube channel “C’est une autre histoire”, Manon talks about history and mythology with humour and relevance. Her expertise and her way of explaining touch a wide audience who learn while having fun.

Video “Passés sous silence pour s’être rebellés contre la guerre” by Manon Bril

If you too would like to promote your project in this way, please contact our team!

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