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The Headerpop team is passionate about images. Recently, we decided to create our own photo bank to illustrate the trends of the moment. This first shoot explores the vintage spirit of Brussels. We shared some of the photos on free photo sharing platforms, to promote the visibility of our know-how in lifestyle and tourism shooting.

On the occasion of the setting up of the tourism and lifestyle photo database of the agency, we have done an essential preparatory work to capture the right line, as close as possible to the spirit and the trends of the moment.

Step 1: Identify the mood to be expressed

It is important to take the time to think about what we want to convey through these photos. What do we want to show? In what atmosphere? What is the goal? We will define the guideline in order to be able to think of the details of the shooting to organize.

Step 2: The moodboard

Create moodboards allow you to imagine, visualize and help the models (if there are any) or the photographer to understand the atmosphere and the expected result. The moodboard will also allow you to locate the places to shoot and the elements to be planned.

Step 3: The organization

For this shooting in Brussels, we defined a path to follow, to take pictures in different places and styles, so we gain in efficiency the day of the reportage.

Then, when we work with models for the photos, there is an administrative part: authorizations right to the image, place of appointment, management of the schedules of each, etc… Finally, establish a list of equipment and prepare the elements of decor.

Step 4: The shooting day

The d-day is the best, because all the ideas on the moodboard take shape in reality. No panic if there are unforeseen circumstances, these things happen. The key is to bounce back and be creative at the right time.

Step 5: The touch-ups

It is the photographer who takes care of the photo retouching part, it is an integral part of his creative touch. He adjusts the colors, the luminosity, the sharpness. It is an important step, which will bring the touch of magic which makes all the difference.

Step 6: Photo validation

Once all the photos are validated, all that’s left to do is publish them. Do you have a crush on these photos? They are available on our Pexel and Unsplash accounts!

A tourism or lifestyle photo project? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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