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Land of Memory


Land of Memory is a remembrance tourism destination between France, Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Germany. This cross-border territory covers major historical sites of the two World Wars. Our mission is to develop the notoriety of this essential European remembrance tourism destination.

Land of Memory called on us to promote memory tourism by presenting the destination as a must-see in this field. Indeed, the visit to Land of Memory is an intense and instructive experience. A place that speaks to us of hardship, courage and peace. Values that our team has taken to heart to highlight through a comprehensive communication strategy as part of a campaign to promote tourism.

Site web créé pour Land of Memory

The objectives of this project

A campaign to promote tourism

To achieve the objectives of this client, we have put in place a complete communication strategy. Several lines of communication are therefore planned for 2021-2022:

Visual messages

In order to bring the strength of the subject to the visuals of the campaign, we first enriched the existing visual identity with archival photos as well as a number of graphic elements. Thus, we chose colors and typography consistent with the spirit of memory and discovery of the territory.

Reportage photo

To convey the emotion of the sites of memory to be discovered on Land of Memory, we organized several days of photo and video shooting, including with the help of a drone in the spring of 2021. Various visuals and micro-documentaries have been produced following these shoots.

Reportage photo – Ossuaire de Douaumont


The creation of a tourist website has made it possible to present the destination as a land of historical and human discovery. The visitor can therefore deepen his knowledge of the most emblematic sites of memory of the destination, such as Verdun or Liège. They can also get to know other lesser-known places with a rich history.

We therefore carried out extensive editorial work in 4 languages for the historical and informative content of the website. The team of web editors was in charge of writing the texts of the site, following the guidelines of the destination for the historical and tourist content, while applying the standards of web content. We have thus realized a formatting and adapted formulations on each page of the site, in an objective of SEO optimization.

Community Management

A strategy for the destination’s social networks is in place. We imagine and create the messages transmitted in a form adapted to each social network, but also according to the different audiences of the destination. Our team will soon provide support to manage the Community Management of Land of Memory.

Press relations

Team Headerpop has been in charge of many press actions for Land of Memory. We look back at all the press work that was done!

Headerpop took care of the writing and publication of a press kit to promote the territory of memory.

Press Kit 2022

In this way, we were able to showcase the destination, sharing the different emotions that can be found when travelling through the territory. The added bonus is the Headerpop touch, which shows that memory tourism is not just for adults. In fact, many activities can be done with the whole family!

Thanks to this press kit, several press appearances were made. And press coverage in various countries was noted.

The aim of this press trip was to invite journalists to visit the area in order to promote and show the potential of Land of Memory. This tourist destination of memory is located on the cross-border territory of the Greater Region. We had to target newspapers specialising in history, culture and/or tourism. In fact, we were able to recruit different editions from France, England and Belgium.

Visit with journalists to Lantin Fort

It was an emotional press trip that allowed the journalists to discover Land of Memory.

Conducting an influencer trip

The aim of this influencer trip was to collaborate with youtubers and bloggers to promote and show the potential of Land of Memory. For this project, we collaborated with 3 influencers from different countries in order to get different perceptions and content. In this way, we were able to reach a variety of audiences and obtain content in different languages.

To do this we contacted three influencers:

Great collaborations that allowed us to reach a large audience and raise awareness of remembrance tourism.

Creating a series of podcasts

The Headerpop team produced the Land of Memory podcast series with its podcast studio Spinoza Studio.

The aim of this podcast series is to make the experience even more immersive. You can listen to these episodes to immerse yourself in the sites before your visits.

A total of ten episodes are planned, in four different languages: French, English, German and Dutch. The entire area of memory is thus highlighted.

Episode 1 : Life in the trenches

Episode 2 : Women in conflict

Episode 3 : Artists and the war

Episode 4 : The battle of Verdun

Episode 5 : The exodus of 1940

Episode 6 : Liège, a city of resistance

Episode 7 : The grand duchy of Luxembourg and the resistance

Episode 8 : Battle of the Ardennes

Episode 9 : General Patton and the american army

Episode 10 : Schuman, a european vision

Organisation of an event

Team Headerpop helped Land of Memory to organise an exceptional event at the World Peace Centre in Verdun. In total, more than 150 people were expected to attend to celebrate the values promoted by the territory. A great event that took place in three parts:

Centre Mondial de la Paix – Verdun

Don’t hesitate to contact the Headerpop team if you want to carry out any communication actions. We have quality expertise and will be happy to help you 🙂

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