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Land of Memory

Press trip on memory tourism

The Headerpop Team went to the Land of Memory territory as part of a press trip. The aim of the destination is to promote remembrance tourism through the discovery of various historical sites. In this article, we reveal the backstage and the steps of this action.

Land of Memory presse

The aim of this press trip was to invite journalists to roam the territory in order to promote and show the potential of Land of Memory. This tourist destination of memory is located on the cross-border territory of the Greater Region.

This trip was punctuated by several stages, we explain everything to you!

1 – The before

For more than a month and a half, part of the team has been working on the preparation of the press trip. The first step was the recruitment of journalists. Indeed, we targeted newspapers specialised in history, culture and/or tourism. Thus, we were able to recruit different editions from France, England and Belgium. After inviting different journalists, we had to look at the logistics. From the distribution of the places to visit, to the reservation of accommodations and transport. Each day was organised minute by minute.

The main objective: to present the whole territory through visits of various emblematic sites, and thus promote remembrance tourism and the values of the project.

2 – The on-site presence

Four members of our team went on site to accompany the journalists. Their mission : take content and supervise the trip. Every day our team accompanied the guests to the various locations to ensure that the trip went smoothly.

The intake of content was also crucial. Indeed, we accompany Land of Memory in its communication through multiple media. Our team therefore produced several photos and videos to feed the social networks, the web page, etc.

Henri Chapelle Cemetery

In total, the trip lasted 3 days during which we travelled through the entire Land of Memory territory.

t was an intensive trip, which pleased the journalists present there. The press trip was also an opportunity to meet people and to lead to rich exchanges.

3 – A festive ending

But the press trip was not the end of the memorial journey. Indeed, Team Headerpop helped Land of Memory to organise an exceptional event at the World Peace Centre in Verdun.

©Cécile Thouvenin / Tourisme Grand Verdun

A great event that took place in three parts:

A magnificent gala, which the journalists and all the guests enjoyed.

From Flames to Light

Do not hesitate to contact our team to highlight your beautiful projects, through press relations and events like this one!

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