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Headerpop developed the Yoäg brand's advertising strategy on social networks, firstly with the aim of raising awareness and developing the community, and secondly with the aim of converting people to book yoga holidays.

The Headerpop team has already assisted the yoga travel agency Yoäg in the conception of the brand and the implementation of the launch communication.

This time Yoäg wanted us to design its advertising strategy on social networks.

Different social ads campaigns were designed to promote the yoga retreat weekends and increase bookings. In addition, to develop the audience around the brand and build community loyalty, a lifestyle advertising campaign was set up to motivate listening to the podcasts made by the founder of the brand Coralie Sawruk.

Headerpop created the visuals for the ads, the design of the messages and the targeting strategy for each campaign. A follow-up was also put in place to allow the optimization of the ads.

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