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Headerpop has produced its first business coaching podcast, with the help of its podcast studio Spinoza. The agency's motivation is to help brands in their slow communication approach. "Lifestyle Communication" is a fast-paced, dynamic series that delivers directly applicable advice on how to add value and personality to a brand.

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The Lifestyle Communication podcast is the bi-monthly professional podcast of the Headerpop agency. The aim of this podcast is to coach brands in their new approach to lifestyle communication, focusing on inspiration and creativity.

In this podcast series, Headerpop shares its know-how in lifestyle and slow communication. This is a more human, more sincere approach to brand communication. Indeed, the public, tired of advertising, now wants a more enriching audience/brand relationship, and its attachment and loyalty will depend on the quality of the brand content broadcast.

The Spinoza podcast studio (the agency’s studio) has produced this podcast for Headerpop. Florence, Headerpop’s agency director, shares 3 tips on the theme of each episode. We discover for example how to stop bad communication (ep.1), or how to love your audience (ep. 2)!

By imagining this podcast, Headerpop wishes to support companies in their brand communication. The podcast is a way to promote know-how and is also a great coaching tool.

Do not hesitate to contact us to imagine together the ideal podcast for your brand or project!

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