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Atout France


Atout France is the French tourism development agency that promotes French tourist destinations in France and abroad. Headerpop has accompanied an important international promotion campaign dedicated to sustainable tourism in French overseas territories.

Atout France recently called upon Headerpop’s expertise in the field of sustainable tourism to highlight 7 destinations in France’s overseas territories with preserved biodiversity. Thus, our team realized a work of information research, editorial and graphic layout for this project.

A work of preparation

To begin with, our team took care of gathering information on sustainable tourism for each destination. Then we proposed different approaches, to bring together 7 very different destinations around the topic of preserved biodiversity and conscious and attentive tourism.

The main common points of these destinations are their rare and preserved natural environment and a lifestyle in harmony with the natural elements and attentive to the ancestral culture of their communities. However, each of these overseas regions offers a unique tourism experience. They must therefore also be valued individually.

Writing a press kit for a tourist destination

We wrote the tourism press kit based on this positioning and following the research. Our expertise in this field allowed us to create a rhythmic and attractive content. The objective is to highlight the different territories. In order to capture the attention of journalists, we oriented this file on various editorial angles likely to be the subject of an article.

Mock-up Tourisme durable du dossier de presse réalisé pour Atout France
Mock-up of the press kit made for Atout France

Design and illustrations

The aesthetic aspect of press kits is essential to reach and seduce journalists. We therefore integrated personalized illustrations to liven up the file. Then, we designed the document to make it pleasant to read and attractive. Typography, choice of colors, harmonious positioning of texts and visual contents, we leave nothing to chance!

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