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Land of Memory

Creation of the Land of Memory podcast

Team Headerpop has created a series of historical podcasts for Land of Memory. This is an opportunity to promote remembrance tourism in an immersive and exciting way. The choice of this promotion tool is explained by the desire to transmit the values of the territory to a large audience.

Team Headerpop produced the Land of Memory podcast series, produced thanks to our podcast studio, Spinoza Studio.

The aim of this podcast series is to make the experience even more immersive. You can listen to these episodes to immerse yourself in the sites in advance of your visits, or even directly at the events.

A total of ten episodes are planned, in four different languages: French, English, German and Dutch. The whole territory of memory is thus highlighted.

And the voices we selected were not chosen at random. For the French voice, it is Manon Bril from the YouTube channel C’est une autre Histoire who narrates the episodes. For the English version, it is Chris Hobbs, from the History Bombs channel, who lends his voice. In short, we have chosen personalities who are well known in the history world. This adds emotion, but also meaning to this initiative. Also, Dutch-speaking listeners will be able to listen to the podcasts with the voice of Sven Ornelis. He is a radio and television presenter. Finally, the German voice is that of Stefan Sattler, a well-known dubbing artist and comedian.

Manon Bril
Chris Hobbs
Sven Ornelis
Stefan Sattler

On the programme, a series of ten podcasts that cover the 20th century. From the Battle of Verdun, through the Battle of the Bulge, or even art in wartime. A fascinating series that we invite you to listen to, and available on all platforms.

Episode 2 : Women in conflict

Episode 3 : Artists and the war

Episode 4 : The battle of Verdun

Episode 8 : Battle of the Ardennes

Headerpop took over the creation of the podcast, writing, voice casting, recording, sound design and editing. The agency also took care of the broadcasting and promotion of the series!

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