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The decline of luxury is good news!

The excessive luxury and bling bling style of the 2000s - Paris Hilton style - is no longer a dream come true! So how do you promote a high-end brand in 2022? We give you the codes for a more natural approach, in a refined slow living mood.


For some time now, a strange observation has been emerging: luxury seems to be going out of fashion! The return of authenticity in the public’s heart is a booster for change. People are advocating a simpler life, far from overconsumption and pollution. Excessive gilding, bling bling jewellery, luxury cars, 5-star holidays are becoming outdated desires! We want authenticity, quality, rarity and real encounters…

So how do you make the most of the game when you offer a quality product at a high price? How do you communicate the value of the product without falling into the codes of luxury? Le Studio Labonheure gives you its analysis…

An observation: the return to simplicity

Slow-living movements are springing up all over the world, aiming to pollute less, but also to live more simply, closer to one’s needs and emotions. This is particularly fashionable in the United States. Youtubers such as Hannah Lee Dugan and Isabel Paige film their lives, the former in a van, the latter in a “tiny house” that she built herself. It is no longer the yachts that interest us, but the “roots” aspect or return to the roots of the vans. It is associated with a romantic life, where you have the essentials and can move when and where you want. This is the concept of “less is better“. We are far from the palaces of the stars, and very close to nature.

Isabel Paige dans sa “tiny house”

These influencers do not compromise on their values and philosophy of life. A large part of their income comes from their collaborations with brands, but they prefer to select the brands they partner with, according to their values, in order to keep the trust of their community. The once coveted luxury brands are in danger of losing their appeal to a public that advocates a return to nature and authenticity.

By moving away from luxury, the public wants to get rid of false pretenses and focus on their well-being through a lifestyle in line with their deepest aspirations. The emphasis on second-hand fashion as a must, confirms this trend. Thus, youtubers with more than 3 million subscribers, such as Marie Lopez (aka EnjoyPhoenix), present their latest vintage purchases and openly criticize the great mass of overconsumption; Black Friday.

Luxury is changing, so are the brands

The emergence of slow fashion is changing the image of luxury. Brands such as Orta make their clothes mainly in France, the price is quite high but is justified by their respect for the environment and their buying ethics. It is a new luxury.

But this change must be qualified… Although there is a real movement being created in opposition to luxury and advocating regulated consumption, certain groups such as LVMH have never made so much profit (44,651 billion in turnover in 2020 against 64,215 billion in 2021). Indeed, the public used to consuming a lot of luxury products is not yet the one to change its lifestyle. Rather, it is the public that offers itself a luxury gift from time to time, a ring, a watch, a couture bag etc…

However, it is important for high-end lifestyle brands to understand this return to basics and integrate it into their brand strategy.

How to replace the ostentatious signs of luxury with elegant softness?

As a brand, it is essential to accompany this movement and to create a communication built on real values. Here are a few ideas:

  • Focus communication on the values and essential nature of the brand
  • Use high profile slow living content creators to promote the brand: they are trusted by their audience and are in the business of change.
  • To give priority to a beautiful quality in the contents diffused, a poetic and inspiring spirit.

Here is an example of a collaboration between the Belgian influencer Milkywayblueeyes and the high jewellery brand Gemmyo, it is a luxury brand but the style is country, soft, and light.

Le Studio Labonheure is specialised in tourism and lifestyle, our team accompanies high-end brands in their slow living approach. Do not hesitate to contact us to imagine together an elegant, authentic branding, close to your public.

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The decline of luxury is good news!

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