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Evidence of a comeback of nature

Today's society is looking for a new Eldorado, it is definitely not the appearances that make us dream anymore. In response to an increasingly artificial world, nature is asserting itself in all areas of lifestyle, we explain how...

After a long desert crossing, nature is coming back in force. No more plastic, no more plastic surgery, no more industrial food…we want real, authentic, natural…it’s the new luxury!

This return to nature is the result of a generalized lassitude. Indeed, faced with the numerous flaws of the current system, inequality, concentration of wealth, delirious capitalism, bankruptcy of the elites, the world as it is since the 60’s no longer makes anyone dream. The consumer society is currently experiencing the end of its reign.

The public wants to grow and evolve in this world in transition, so it focuses on the basics and the sure values. Mother nature has become the most fashionable refuge of the moment.

How does this translate into the lifestyle of everyone? At home, we see a return to nature in decorative objects, wallpapers, natural materials, green plants. In leisure activities, outdoor activities and outdoor vacations are coming back in force. Finally, in construction, cosmetics, DIY or food, we are looking for simple products, noble materials, as close to their natural state as possible, with a minimum of transformation.

The team of Le Studio Labonheure searched for the most beautiful examples of this return to nature, to make an inventory in all areas of lifestyle. We tell you everything!

A more natural decoration

Public places

We note that all new restaurants opt for a simpler, more natural decoration. For example, the restaurant Serra in Brussels, serves inventive slow food in a place that looks like a garden in the heart of the city with giant plants, green fabrics, bamboo hangers and natural materials. The overall atmosphere is lush and it feels like a jungle! 


At home

Nature is also omnipresent at home. If there is not enough space, plants are hung on the walls or on the ceiling. Another phenomenon, vegetable gardens are coming back in force in the city as in the country.

Another clue is that balconies, gardens or terraces have become, since the lockdown of 2020, determining criteria in real estate (see the article of capital.fr on this subject).


There is also a craze for new types of ecological habitats totally integrated into the natural environment.
Indeed, today’s houses are nests of pollutants, paints, detergents, glues and other chemicals are present everywhere. Kerterres, these hand-carved houses made exclusively of a mixture of hemp and lime, are exciting a public that dreams of a 100% natural, healthy and sustainable home. These little Hobbit houses totally blend into the landscape and cost almost nothing in materials or labor. Community building sites are created everywhere to transmit the techniques of realization of a Kerterre in a few weeks.

Leisure activities

Leisure activities also adapt to the desire for nature: hiking, forest bathing, permaculture, bushcraft, packcraft, vanlife… Camping is also popular, as long as it is located on a beautiful and relaxing natural site. Otherwise, you can equip yourself a van or a school bus to explore the mountains or the seaside. Through these new types of vacations, we reconnect with nature to adopt a cool, natural and no-fuss lifestyle.

Cycling vacations are popular for the same reasons, beyond the sporting challenge, we appreciate the return to nature and the adventure that goes with it.

On the plate

This trend is also reflected in the plate. We see on social networks a growth in the sharing of healthy recipes based on fruits, vegetables, seeds, sprouts and many other natural products. The hashtag #healthyfood on Instagram has reached 107 million publications. Numerous influencers are appropriating and sharing this healthy lifestyle.  

Annarvr, French influencer, dedicates entire stories to share her healthy recipes. Following the announcement of the first lockdown, Anna decided to take her health in hand. Healthy food and sports are now part of her daily life and become her editorial line. Her content is a source of motivation for subscribers looking for inspiration.

Some accounts are even specialized in making recipes that are as healthy as they are appetizing like @smoothiebowls.


Is your project also inspired by nature? Do you want to understand the motivations of the public to create a green communication? The team of Le Studio Labonheure will be happy to assist you 🙂

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