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Communicating on TikTok: what do you need to know?

The Chinese-based application TikTok is a worldwide success. In the top of the most downloaded apps in the world, this social network has overtaken the most popular apps like Instagram or Facebook in the download rankings. We tell you more in our article.

A social network like no other

The TikTok concept: mobile videos in a short format of maximum 60 seconds (so, very fast), where music and image combine to produce creative content. Indeed, on this app, music is at the heart of the creation and helps to attract attention to the videos. The app’s favorite format differs by favoring a vertical shot, characteristic of videos taken with a smartphone. The app also contains an integrated video editing tool with many filters, visual effects and sound effects.

On TikTok, you will find daily challenges that invite you, on the same music, to be different on a theme. Then you post your video with the hashtag specific to the challenge. The most creative will see their number of views explode.

The innovative concept of TikTok makes it a very different platform from other social networks and a growing number of users are seduced by its originality. In 2019, TikTok became the second most downloaded application in the world, and 2020 looks no less promising.

As a result of recent events that have pushed the world to be confined, TikTok counted more than 65 million downloads during the month of March. The app, which had 800 million users in January, is now close to one billion members. The mission promoted by TikTok? To develop creativity and transmit good mood.

TikTok’s interest in brands

This recent popularity obviously represents an opportunity for brands, who are wondering how to use this new media.The application has a large number of users around the world, it is an occasion to be seized to boost brand reputation and improve brand image.

Several brands have already taken the step; the Poké House restaurant in Brussels promotes the young and offbeat concept of the restaurant. The famous sports brand Nike has also taken an interest in the app by publishing videos highlighting its partnerships with several sportsmen. Levi’s has also built its presence on this network in order to rejuvenate the brand and seduce the Z generation. In the same spirit, Clarins took advantage of the app to promote its products targeting a younger audience than its usual consumers. And the result is quite successful!


Sometimes, you just need a little detail to give you a good energy!🥰 ##MyFreshRoutine ##LoveYourselfEffect ##MyClarins ##MorningRoutine ##BeautyTips

♬ Dance Monkey – Tones and I

A very young audience

TikTok users are primarily a very young audience. In 2019, more than 65% of them were under 30 years old and almost 40% under 20 years old. This media is the ideal support for your brand if you are targeting the Z generation. Presently, we are mainly seeing fashion, beauty and food brands taking advantage of this new visibility.

Recently, TikTok has been trying to expand its domains to technology, sports or travel to reach a larger and more mature target.

Why create a communication campaign on Tiktok? The strength of the network is really its ability to reach a very large audience quickly. 
Moreover, unlike Instagram, where influencers are communication professionals, here we find amateur influencers who prefer entertainment. Topics are always approached through the prism of humour, play and derision.

“If users identify themselves with your content, they will be inclined to watch it, or even reproduce what you offer to share with their community. But for a campaign to work, brands must be ready to get out of their comfort zone and let go.»

According to a TikTok spokesperson

Successful communication on TikTok

The key to a brand’s success on this app is to create fresh, entertaining and above all unusual content. The key word: creativity! Creating dynamic and original videos will attract general interest. TikTok users are not opposed to branded content as long as it is entertaining.

The way of communicating on TikTok is unlike any other social network. The information and the message you want to transmit must be presented and incorporated into the video. The description of the video is limited to a very limited number of characters. It is therefore not necessary to write a legend for everything. Forget about subtitled videos that don’t work on this network. However, it is possible to put short messages on the video.

Dan Noel

Start an influence marketing campaign on TikTok

On the one side, a young audience that follows accounts with several thousand subscribers, on the other, influencers who launch video challenges. The perfect mix for promotion. As on many social networks, influence marketing is a great option for brands.

Working with TikTokeers can be an effective solution to increase its notoriety. Then, you need to find the influencers whose community corresponds to your target. They can be the ideal starting point for a challenge linked to your brand. Haribo has understood this by collaborating with Sacha Smiles and other influencers to start its #MAOAMChallenge. The campaign was a real success!


Les bonbons me rendent complètement fou 😂 À vous de faire le ##MAOAMChallenge qu’on rigole !! 👀

♬ son original – sachasmiles

A challenge? The big tendance on TikTok is to take up a challenge launched by an influencer or any user. We reproduce, improve, propagate with hashtags and in the twinkling of an eye it can go viral.

The brand has no control over the content; users become the authors, and thus the vectors of the brand and its image. Free to their imagination and interpretation, it’s collaborative and viral. Hence the great interest in brands; little effort for a lot of visibility. TikTok is the open door to a new form of relationship between a brand and its consumers.

The publicity on Tik Tok

An integrated governance

As with many other networks, there is a paid advertising system organized by the application. Posted ads must be visually attractive. So you have to work on messages that combine humour and creativity, and that requires a bit of know-how. 

To launch its ad, you will need to subscribe on the TikTok Ads site. It is from there that everything is created and shared. This platform is accessible for any professional account. After validation of your registration on the advertising platform, you can start creating your ads. But be ready, a minimum budget is set at $500 to be able to launch your ad on the app. 

At the start of the campaign, you will be offered three advertising objectives: traffic, conversions or mobile application installation. You will also have the opportunity to choose some targeting criteria such as gender, geographical location, age, language, operating system used, interests, etc. 

Several advertising formats

TikTok Ads offers you the possibility to make a content that looks like you and that best adapts to your advertising objectives. Several formats are available in order to create an add to your liking. 5 possibilities are offered to you:

  • TopView: A video of maximum 60 seconds displayed in full screen in automatic playback. This is the most interesting location in the application. It enables you to capture the full attention of users without any other distractions on the screen. The ideal format to present a brand and build a storytelling around its communication.
  • Brand Takeover: A 3 to 5 second video, a 3 second JPG or a static display of your add. This choice allows you to capture users attention with a full screen display on the application. It makes a strong visual impact. It is the ideal option to invite your target to visit a website or download an application.
  • In-Feed Ads: A 3 to 60 second video that appears in the TikTok “For you” feed and will blend in with the other content. This format facilitates interaction. Indeed, users have the possibility to like, comment, share, follow or even create a video using the same sound as your publicity. 
  • Hashtag Challenge: The promotion of your hashtag to encourage its use and thus expand it. This format encourages engagement by appealing to the creativity and content production of users themselves. This will help you create a strong link with your consumers and build a true brand community.
  • Brand effects: This choice lets you create filters, stickers and special effects that can be used freely by everyone. Again, this will help build your brand community. All users can participate in your brand image. Use your creativity to create attractive effects that will become popular on the app!

As you can see, the possibilities on TikTok are multiple; make your brand or product known, strengthen your image, create links with your brand community, etc… The application, with its ever-increasing popularity, represents an opportunity that you must know how to seize and exploit. Contact Le Studio Labonheure for more information!

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