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Authenticity is in

All the lights are on for authenticity. Once a bit old-fashioned, the term is now popular and is being used everywhere.
The public is fed up with advertising and injunctions. They want something real, something nice... something authentic!

Brands whose sole objective is to sell for the sake of selling, without communicating their values, their teams, their passions, will have to quickly question themselves. Indeed, the various scandals linked to industrial production or overconsumption have left their mark. The public’s trust is now more difficult to win.

Thus, even if the first effects of the change towards a more conscious consumption are still slow to appear in some sectors, we already see a predominance of authentic and spontaneous messages in all areas of lifestyle: decoration, tourism, food, leisure, or culture…

The team of Le Studio Labonheure investigated to define the competitive strength of an authentic communication versus a purely commercial strategy.

Authenticity: a new pride

Today, the key to impacting an audience is sincerity. Whether we like it or not, digital imposes a certain barrier since we don’t necessarily know the author behind the screen. By acting in all transparency, the audience identifies to the message. As a proof, influencers now share photos that reveal their emotions, with wet eyes or smiles to tears.


Laure, known as Style Tonic is a French influencer. On her social networks, she shares her real life: her good and bad moments, her successes and failures. This authenticity makes Laure particularly endearing to her audience.

From the brand’s point of view, carrying out a conscious and human communication has several advantages. First of all, the brand develops a positive approach that is reflected in its products and in its exchanges with its audience. A new pride is created when the brand gives meaning to its offer and shares this passion with its audience. The audience becomes attached to its story and appreciates supporting a conscious entity with real values and a positive vision for the future.

A necessary rethinking

However, the authentic process also requires some questioning. What do we have to hide? Can we be more transparent? What are our values?

The shoe brand Veja introduces us on its website to all the production stages. It even presents its manufacturing estimates and its contracts with organic cotton producers.

By presenting this information, the brand is more than transparent with its buyers and ensures that it gains their trust.

Cosmetic brands are also being encouraged to be more sincere. Indeed, consumers are now very attentive to skin care products and their composition.


Respire is a 100% natural hygiene and beauty line. Made in France, the composition of the products is eco-responsible and vegan. Very transparent on its social networks, the brand does not refrain from detailing the composition of its products, presenting its team and affirming its values.

Authentic and cool communication

Our one and only advice is to build a transparent communication. This aspect is the key to success. By revealing the backstage, by sharing the strong moments of the brand, the public becomes attached to its universe and develops its confidence.

Explain your concept

It is always good to communicate the values of the brand, the idea before the launch, the daily motivation, the dreams for the future. The public will feel like they are involved in the project too.
Seed is a sustainable eyewear brand that relates the daily life of its very first Brussels store on its social networks. It asserts its difference and reminds why by buying a pair of glasses at Seed, the public also participates in a new form of consumption more sustainable and reasonable.

Filming the manufacturing process

To reassure the public about an industrial manufacturing process or to enhance the value of a handcrafted product, the production of video capsules to highlight the manufacturing process is a good idea. It is not necessary to reveal all the secrets of the brand, but rather to focus on the human aspect or the know-how.

Thus, “Les 2 Vaches” a brand of artisanal dairy products has created a video clip that presents the milking steps, we can see, among other things, that the animals are well treated and that milking is directly supervised by the staff of the brand.

Introduce your staff

Putting faces to the names humanizes your concept and gives confidence. Knowing that Justine is part of the logistics team makes the brand endearing. That’s exactly what the Respire brand showcases on its Instagram account.

Involving your audience

As soon as a brand develops an audience, it is interesting to involve them in all the actions carried out. The public appreciates being regularly asked for their opinion, by having them contribute to projects or events, the link with the brand is strengthened.

For example, the Michel et Augustin brand organizes open houses to allow its customers to meet and cook as a team.

Present the challenges you face

The public loves brands that entertain them, by presenting the failures, the attempts, the research done on a daily basis to improve the offer. Brands thus develop their sympathy potential.

To sum up, authenticity is now a purchasing criterion, by integrating this aspect in your communication you obtain the Holy Grail… the trust of your audience.

If you wish to communicate in a more transparent way, Le Studio Labonheure has developed a human and spontaneous communication approach, do not hesitate to contact us 😉

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