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The codes of lifestyle communication on social networks are quickly evolving, our trend hunters follow them under the microscope and make up the daily story of your brand.

We imagine an editorial line that seduces your audience, we produce your content and animate your pages on a daily basis, we focus on presenting your universe to your community to enrich it and build loyalty. We take charge of advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest with a constant concern for efficiency and conversion.

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W83 local test shop


W83 local test shop (initiated by Entreprendre XXL) is a commercial pop-up project whose aim is to promote economic development in Ixelles by supporting business projects that are part of a sustainable development and circular economy approach.

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Land of Memory

Travel influencers remembrance tourism

Team Headerpop went to the Land of Memory territory for an influencer trip. The destination promotes memory tourism through its various historical monuments. In this article we reveal the backstage and the steps of this action!

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Mon Ardenne

Territorial marketing and community of inhabitants

Mon Ardenne is the community of the region's inhabitants, each one sharing his or her experience or journey in the Ardennes and receiving good tips from other members. This project, carried out for the Ardenne brand, aims to promote this beautiful, natural, lively and attractive region through the eyes of its inhabitants.

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